Monday, June 11, 2012

"Mom you're deflating!"

I've been on this diet more or less for the past month. I initially lost 15 pounds then added more high fiber fruit and some dense bread which naturally slowed weight loss down a bit. I've been completely off since getting the stomach bug last week but still am in the 160s, a range I haven't been in since a child or two ago.

I bought these shorts last April on spring break.
My daughter swears the legs were tight but I really don't think my thighs were that big. I do have to wear all my pants with a belt, which I hate but it's better than the alternative.

Now that I'm down quite a bit, I think my knee will be a more forgiving when I run and lets face it, since I'm unemployed I really don't have an excuse not to incorporate exercise. Tonight I'm going out with my daughter to run the local fit trail that I believe is about three miles. I hope to do a half later this fall but we'll see.

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