Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Run on Sunday, Jack Mormons, and St Patricks Day garland.

As of this past Sunday, I did week one of the couch to 5K plan and I'm proud of myself. Although I ultimately didn't run on the days I wanted to, evenly spaced out and such, I "ran" three times nonetheless.  Proof that no matter how crazy life can become, you can fit 20 minutes in. I was able to rely on the healthy escape that is running when stress became to much this week, which I'm especially proud of.

When I was a teenager, I used drugs and alcohol for an easy escape from my life. I could lie and say I had a horrible family life as a teenager, was abused in some way or another. But it wasn't, and I wasn't. I can honestly say, I was just bored. Regardless, the patterns I developed and the habits I formed stuck with me for quite sometime. Although I turned to spirituality after my oldest was born and stayed sober for a very long time, the temptation for an easy escape from circumstances out of my control became too great. Did I ever go on benders? No. Did I sell my kids off or some priceless heirloom? Never. I can honestly say I've grown up greatly in that respect and have been responsible. However, bottom line, I turned to physically and spiritually unhealthy means of dealing with life when it seemed to be out of control.

It's been awhile since I've acted on such a need to escape but Sunday morning, after a very long Saturday night, I needed an escape more than ever so I ran. Some may say I'm being a complete Jack Mormon but honestly, number one, although hilarious to some I find that term very offensive. Number two, I only practice what I preach which is unlike many others who don't -generally speaking. Yes I could have persevered  to get all three children ready (I had to work that night-so hubby had to sleep,) bag packed, to make it to morning church, but I needed to escape. So I ran.  I needed to feel those endorphins cursing through my blood and felt so much better afterwards. I feel I'm a better person and mom for recognizing those times of need and acting on them in a more positive, healthy way which has become so much easier for me, something which I know my Father can understand.

Generally while I'm "running" I find myself unable to think of what's going on in my life and let my thoughts wander with whatever is pumping through my ipod. When Drunken Lullabys (haha) came on, I couldn't help but think about what my St Patty's Day fun run garb will look like. Yesterday I had to go to my local dollar store for a couple things and found this
 So far, I'll have the multi-layered tule skirt with sequined belt and I'll buy this garland to make a crown of sorts. Not sure what to do with my hair, I think a red (ginger) wig would be awesome, but I think for sure a pair of fairy wings, green argyle knee socks, and to give my dusty Brooks a good send off, I may spray paint them green. Am I going overboard? After seeing pictures from the last dash, I think not.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Aw yeah...

For the first time in ten years I was recently childless for a few days. I envisioned myself rising with the sun every day to  lace up my dusty Brooks for good jog, or at the very least a fast walk. Day one I did just that... almost. I had no excuses. I didn't have to stay up late for much needed me time, I wasn't exhausted chasing after children... I stepped outside only to find out what 20 something degrees feels like and stepped right back into the toasty near 70 deg house I was staying in. I know... I'm a complete wuss when it comes to the cold, something for sure I will have to get used to by next year no doubt. Aside from the odd errands that took a total of 3 hours over three days, I did absolutely nothing, and it felt awesome.

I am happy to report that I write now after just returning from a very brisk walk. I would say jog but who am I kidding. I'm starting slow. Baby steps. My cousin reminded me today of this couch to 5K article she had from awhile back. Just 20 minutes a day, three days a week and all you need is a decent pair of running shoes (and a good bra). Although I didn't do the complete 90/60 intervals (my watch isn't night friendly), I did speedwalk it (another benefit of going at night-no worries of what you look like) for five minutes then alternated 90 secs of jogging and two minutes of speed dorkiness, to finish the last block at an easy pace. And let me tell you, I feel awesome. I feel as though a friend long gone has turned up again in the way my quads and upper arms feel.   But of course my inner overachiever is telling me it's not enough.

Today a St Pattys Day Dash advertisement caught my eye only because one of the beneficiaries of the event is the Seattle Childrens Autism Clinic.  Having been personally on their 9 to 12 month wait list for my daughter, they do need funds to extend services and hire more health professionals.  In every book on ASD I've read so far, it is repeated over and over that early intervention is key for a good prognosis in developing communicative and sensory integration skills.  I assume that it's a half marathon but click anyway. Come to find out, it's only 4 miles. If I continue to do this 5 K training thing consistently, by February 21st, I'm going to register. If not, I wont beat myself up about it too much. But if I can, I'm going to find the most ridiculous green garb to wear (I'm thinking a 12 layer green tule tutu with sequins), perhaps get my other children to do the Leprechaun lap,  and maybe even print up a shirt with my daughters image on it for all of us.