Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fasting and South Beach

I'm almost halfway through my week long facebook fast so it's a good time to blog and avoid my withdrawals. That being said, I haven't been working out BUT, I rediscovered The South Beach Diet book I bought many moons ago and decided to give it a shot. It'll be a week Saturday and I've already lost ten pounds. Seriously. It's a bit scary and yet exhilarating to once again put on my medium scrub pants without having to tuck in my tummy fat. Essentially I've replaced bread, pasta, and sugar with meat, veggies, and well, lots of eggs. So many eggs in fact I'm surprised I'm not already laying eggs myself.

This whole non cereal eating phase of my life has posed quite the challenge. I used to love eggs, now since my diet is very limited for the next couple of weeks before I move on to phase two led me to ask the advice of a good friend. The internet.

I was desperate. I needed an actual breakfast without traditional eggs and what I found is that desperate SB dieting women around the world face the same dilemma. And desperate women get creative. Yesterday I tried mock pancakes made from egg whites, egg, ricotta cheese, Splenda and vanilla. I know more eggs right? Well I was also desperate and had to try. I trusted reviews like, "Yum! Just like real pancakes!" and "It tasted so good!" (To the woman who thought the recipe was too much for one person. Girl, please. I used an 8inch frying pan and it made two.)  Anyway the result was something that looked like a crepe but in fact had the unmistakable texture of eggs. At any rate, it did fill the anything but egg void, which honestly anything would covered in butter and sugar free maple syrup.

I'll save you my review of the chocolate cheesecake smoothie (made from sugar free choc syrup and cottage cheese.)

Which leads me to this morning. I made South Beach Muffins. Yeah I know the picture looks like it hasn't been cooked but it has. The texture was slightly better, not so eggy thanks to the flax seeds but it leaves me wanting more. My recommendation, add more Splenda and cinnamon. 

In conclusion, I think this diet, er lifestyle change will stick for a while. I'm actually eating vegetables for once in my life. Not just salad covered in ranch, but actual veggies like broccoli,carrots, and asparagus. Yay me. 

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