Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Night shift:)

Many things have changed in the months since I've posted. Moved out of my parents house, enrolled in school, and ran a 5K (in full zombie garb-great shock value in S. Idaho). Things were going great. I finally broke the 170 barrier and made time to run/bike. I felt that this would finally be the time I would be able to fit in those jeans again. You know what I'm talking about, those jeans. Everyone has them shoved away in some deep, dark place in their closet or dresser; a symbol of your inability to let go of your skinny days and hope that one day, you may be able to wear them again.
December came. I'd like to blame my decent off the wagon on one of my bffs who flew in just to see me for the weekend. All previous food restrictions were off. This led into Christmas and all the baking that you're required to do. I suppose I didn't have to but I like to blame my great-grandma who was constantly baking Danish delicacies during Christmas. Besides, it was COLD.
I'm not talking about the oh so cosy winter of the Pacific Northwest where it rarely drops below 30. I'm talking about dry cold that gets in the teens with wind chill (which can be pretty severe where I'm at). I'm a wuss. I hate the cold.
Now it'll be March tomorrow, I've been holding steady in the 170s and I really have no more excuses. Unless you want to count the fact I quit my previous day job for better pay working nights. Luckily though from the time I get off in the morning around 0620 and when it's time for the kids to get up at 0700 I have some me time. Granted, I'm exhausted at this point but this beauty of a time window allows me to go for a quick walk (or run if I'm prepared enough to lay out my running garb the night before.)
Now that the weathers warming up and I do have 30 minutes to spare, I'm getting back on track and hopefully will be back to my 2 pound a week weight loss and finally fit back into those damn jeans.

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